Data Analytics Detect and Prevent

Accru Felsers offers comprehensive data analytics services for fraud analytics including fraud detection and prevention. We offer cost-effective and efficient data analytics tools for your organisation.

Preventing fraud with data analytics and fraud detection

So, you’re running a business. And it’s not just any business, it’s your hard-earned dream. Did you ever think about the mischievous folks who might be doing a magic trick with your profits behind your back? Scary, right? That’s where we come in, turning your worry lines into a confident smile with our data analytics services and fraud analytics.

Why you need us

Did you know that companies like yours are losing billions to cunning fraudsters every year? Heck, some of these scammers are hiding right under your nose. You need a superhero, and that’s where we – Accru Felsers – come in with our Data Analytics and Fraud Detection service. We know what to look for, where to look, and most importantly, how to stop it.

As one of the leading providers of data analytics services, we deliver top-notch fraud analytics to protect your business.

Who needs a fraud check?

If you’re thinking “Not my employees!” Think again. Research shows an average loss of a jaw-dropping $145,000 from fraud, with a whopping 24% of businesses losing over a million bucks! And it takes a painful 2-3 years to sniff out these tricks. Can you afford that hit? We thought not. So whether you’re a startup, a growing business, or a multinational giant, everyone needs a guardian against fraud.

How do we do it?

By harnessing the superpower of data analytics tools, we are your shield against financial deception. These handy tools spot anomalies in billing and payroll that shout “fraud!” They allow us to swoop in, tackle the issue, and save your precious earnings. These aren’t just fancy words – data analytics tools rank numero uno out of 11 fraud detection methods.

Our data analytics services are designed to identify and mitigate risks effectively.

Your anti-fraud arsenal

At Accru Felsers, we have the right gadgets to help you fight the good fight. Our data analytics services can match supplier details, check ABNs, spot duplicate payments, invoices or employees, and even compare employees’ bank account details with suppliers’ – all to protect you from the common scams.

Our expertise in fraud analytics ensures your business remains secure.

Our Data Analytics Experts
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