Estate Planning

We can help you approach estate planning in a practical and constructive way, and help to develop a plan that protects your assets from creditors, the government, excessive tax and family disputes.

Secure your legacy with Estate Planning

Proper estate planning goes beyond merely drafting a will. It’s a proactive measure to shield your assets and ensure a seamless, tax-efficient transfer of your wealth as per your desires.

Despite its importance, studies show that over 45% of Australians pass away without a will, leaving their assets distribution subject to a predetermined formula according to state and federal laws.

Moreover, even if you have a will, it may not cover all your wealth and assets. Complexities can arise depending on the location of your assets. For instance, did you know that in certain situations, your superannuation might not be part of your estate?

A strategy for the future of your Estate

Our expertise extends far beyond simple accountancy. With a thorough understanding of your business, assets, and financial affairs, we are uniquely positioned to explain the involved issues and guide you through the tax considerations. 

We will address queries such as:

  • Is your wealth shielded from marriage dissolution, creditors, and potential estate challenges?
  • Should you use trusts for asset protection and tax efficiency?
  • How can you ensure your SMSF forms part of your estate?
  • Are your assets, business, and life insurance tax-effectively structured?
  • Do you require a ‘buy-sell agreement’ with your business partner for the continuity of your business?
  • How does the ownership of your home or other significant assets influence your will?

How we can help you

Working collaboratively with legal advisors when needed, we can guide you to approach estate planning in a practical and constructive manner.

We’re committed to developing a plan that shields your assets from creditors, government intrusion, excessive tax, and family disputes. 

Our comprehensive assistance includes:

  • Establishing a will
  • Powers of attorney
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Beneficiary advice.
Our Estate Planning Experts
He specialises in providing tailored advice to clients who are looking to create or protect their wealth.
Thomas ensures that no stone is left unturned when customising wealth accumulation strategies for his clients.
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