Taxation Services Sydney

Receive expert tax advice for your Australian business and international dealings through our experienced tax accountants at Accru Felsers.

Tax Compliance

Let us take care of your tax returns, activity statements and ATO compliance matters. We can streamline your tax management, help you take advantage of tax concessions, carry out tax audits and more.

Tax Advisory

Optimise your tax position with tax planning strategies and structuring. If you are making a substantial investment or buying or selling a business, we’ll help minimise the tax impacts. Our services include capital gains tax advice.

FBT & Salary Packaging

Simple and compliant systems that help you use fringe benefits to their full potential. We can help craft beneficial salary packages to attract and motivate staff whilst minimising costs and administration.

GST & Indirect Tax

Simplify your compliance and minimise the impact of indirect taxes on your business. Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, our tax advice throughout Australia and New Zealand can help reduce your burden.

International Tax

Avoid the pitfalls of cross-border dealings and ensure your tax structure is efficient. The risk of double taxation is real, and Accru Felsers responds with targeted international tax advice for businesses operating in multiple countries.

Transfer Pricing

Affordable assistance for transfer pricing manuals, reviews and agreements. Our transfer pricing specialists monitor and prepare documentation for multinationals operating in Australia and have a successful record of clients passing ATO MAAL reviews.

Your trusted tax accountants in Sydney

Navigating through the labyrinth of tax compliance can feel like a monumental task. But guess what? You’re not alone. At Accru Felsers, we are your adept guides, dedicated to simplifying this complex journey for you.

We understand that tax obligations can seem like a colossal, tangled mess. That’s why we’re here to untangle the knots for you.

Tax Specialists
Glenda is known for her ability to solve complex tax issues and help clients understand the practical implications of her advice.
Steven specialises in external auditing, due diligence, initial public offerings, stock exchange listings and financial reporting.
She likes to understand her clients’ businesses and what they want to achieve so she can provide solutions that will work best for them.
Brett likes to act as his clients’ ‘sounding board’, brainstorming and critiquing ideas on a range of management related matters. He’s adept at anticipating the effects of tax law changes and helping clients with decision making and planning.
He specialises in providing tailored advice to clients who are looking to create or protect their wealth.
Jake approaches his clients’ needs with a ‘hands-on’ mindset, and he prides himself on being their trusted advisor.
Natalie looks at her clients’ affairs holistically and takes a proactive approach to managing the financial aspects of their business as well as building and protecting their personal wealth.
Winnie’s focus is building and maintaining strong rapport with her clients to assist them in their business needs and provide valuable advice and value add.
With her unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and interpersonal skills, Alexandra continues to help clients navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve their goals.
Working with client’s best interests at heart, Cameron adds value to all his work with exceptional service and a focus on quality and timely deliverables.
Matthew understands the importance of accurate and timely financial information being provided to his clients to facilitate them to make informed decisions about their business.
As a manager in the business advisory division with over 14 years experience in accounting, Katherine draws on a wide range of experience across many different industries.
Niamh’s commitment to people management and supporting local and national charities, particularly those that focus on individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Jordan’s wealth of knowledge across financial reporting, financial accounting and taxation has equipped him with the expertise to understand the needs of clients and provide tailored advice that solves a variety of complex business problems
Take the stress out of tax compliance.
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