Services for Chinese-Speaking Companies 为中国企业提供专业的会计服务

Establishing or expanding a foreign organisation involves taking a close look at various aspects such as structure, taxation, human resources, and cultural differences. Navigating this path can be quite a task without the guidance of advisors who know and understand the local landscape and your organisation’s requirements.

For over a decade, we have been assisting Chinese and Australian companies in successfully establishing overseas projects, export operations, and joint ventures. Thanks to our active involvement with the Australian China Business Council in Sydney and MGI Worldwide, we’re able to offer you in-person advice no matter where you are conducting business. 

Bilingual and bicultural expertise

If you’re looking to expand into China or are based abroad with plans to enter the Australian market, our team can provide you with:

  • Chinese-speaking accountants who have extensive experience in both Australian and Chinese business culture.
  • A proven track record in establishing appropriate business vehicles, tax structures, and financial reporting systems for Chinese companies.
  • Assistance with Business Process Outsourcing, assisting with setting up new business entities to handle payroll and bookkeeping, registrations with right corporate and tax authorities.
  • Audit and Assurance services tailored to local accounting standards. We can assist you with the preparation of your financial statements and provide insights on your internal controls.
  • Expert advice on Business and Corporate Matters, covering advice from the sale and acquisition of businesses to valuations, thorough due diligence reviews.
  • Access to a network of reliable advisors in China and the region through our affiliations.

在建立或扩展国际企业时,需要慎重考虑各个方面,比如企业结构、税务系统、人力资源和文化差异。 如果您想在澳大利亚市场中取得成功,一位了解当地商业趋势的会计师是必不可少的。

Accru安睿悉尼会计师事务所在帮助中国和澳大利亚企业成功建立海外项目,出口业务和合资企业方面,已有超过几十年的成功经验。成立于1941年,安睿悉尼拥有八十多年的历史,通过与我们联盟的国际会计师事务所协会(MGI Worldwide)的合作,一个涵盖100多个国家,拥有400多个办事处的全球性协会,我们能够在世界各地为您提供面对面的咨询服务。我们也是悉尼澳中工商业委员会的主要成员之一,积极帮助促进中国和澳大利亚之间的国际贸易。


  • 在澳大利亚和中国商业文化中都具有丰富经验的华人会计师。
  • 在为中国公司建立适当的企业结构、税收结构和财务报告体系方面具有良好的记录。
  • 协助代理记账和劳资服务以及企业和税务机关的登记。
  • 根据当地会计准则定制的财务报表审计服务,并协助编制法定财务报表和内部控制咨询。
  • 专业的业务和公司事务咨询,涵盖企业出售和收购咨询,企业评估以及尽职调查。
  • 通过我们联盟的国际会计师事务所协会,我们能一起为您提供更多相关的服务。
Our experts providing services for Chinese companies
Steven specialises in external auditing, due diligence, initial public offerings, stock exchange listings and financial reporting.
With over a decade of experience in auditing and assurance, Jean is committed to delivering high quality and accurate advice.
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