Internal Audit Services

Discover how Accru Felsers’ internal audit services help companies minimise risk, maximise efficiency, and achieve their operational objectives. 

Tame uncertainty with internal audits

Business is a thrilling journey, ripe with growth but also strewn with risks. From everyday operations to governance duties, you’re overloaded. That’s where we come in – think of our rock-solid internal audit services as your super-powered ally, expertly managing risks so you can focus on scaling new heights.

In the game of checks and balances, organisations need a sturdy internal audit strategy. With our internal audit experts by your side, we will scrutinise your risk management processes, pinpointing their effectiveness and adherence. The extra benefit? We’ll reveal exciting avenues for streamlining and innovation, adding that extra sparkle to your business.

Internal auditors: your unbiased, systematic sidekicks

Armed with extensive training and hands-on experience, we’re not just professionals at evaluating risk management but also experts at creating strategies to streamline your operations and infuse fresh ideas. And with a proven track record of guiding businesses to expand into global markets like Asia and Europe, we’ve got your international aspirations covered too.

Our internal audit plans offer a thorough, unbiased appraisal of areas like supply chains, IT systems, governance, organisational culture, ethics, risk management, due diligence, fraud investigation, and more. Plus, we bring to the table a plethora of assurance services including data analytics, external audits, and due diligence.

Minimising risks and maximising efficiencies with tailored audits

Our auditors don’t just deliver recommendations. We craft custom internal audit solutions designed to enhance your systems and procedures for heightened efficiency, alongside assurances that you’re keeping potential and existing risks at bay. We know your business is one of a kind, and we’re here to shape our internal audit process to suit your unique needs.

Our Internal Audit Experts
Steven specialises in external auditing, due diligence, initial public offerings, stock exchange listings and financial reporting.
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