FBT & Salary Packaging

Maximise your employee benefits and minimise your taxes with our Fringe Benefits Tax and salary packaging services.

Making your money go further with Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) & Salary Packaging

Ever thought about how much money you could save by playing smart with your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)? Or maybe the term ‘salary sacrifice’ seems like financial speak that doesn’t apply to you? It’s simpler than you think and we’re here to help you through it.

Let’s squeeze more out of your benefits

With Accru Felsers, FBT isn’t a hassle – it’s an opportunity! We want you to squeeze every dollar out of your fringe benefits and salary sacrifice options. Be it superannuation, mortgage repayments or more, we’re ready if you are!

No matter if you’re a face-to-face kind of person or more of a digital nomad, our experts are ready to guide you in calculating and recording those tricky taxable benefits. And we’ve got your back, making sure everything’s spot-on, not just with FBT but with other taxes like GST too.

Keep your staff happy with tailored FBT & Salary Packaging

Keeping your staff happy can be a balancing act, but it doesn’t have to be. With our personalised advice on employee share schemes and salary packaging options like superannuation or mortgage repayments, we’ll help you create a win-win scenario.

We whip up strategies custom-made for your company’s needs, all aimed at boosting your team’s take-home pay and benefits while you enjoy less stress and fewer administrative headaches.

How we can spice up your FBT & Salary Packaging ame:

  • Registering for FBT with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – check!
  • Reviewing and improving your reporting systems and procedures – on it!
  • Providing reports highlighting salary packaging goldmines – done!
  • Organising enlightening sessions for employers and employees on salary packaging and reportable benefits
  • Submitting those pesky annual FBT returns – consider it done!
  • Advising on strategic FBT matters, from identifying opportunities to minimising tax – we’re all over it!
  • Reviewing current salary packaging arrangements and recommending alternatives – absolutely!
  • Supporting your payroll and HR staff, and picking the best service providers – yes and yes!
  • Implementing new systems, policies and manuals – we’ve got this!
  • Giving engaging presentations to explain the system to employees and address their questions – you bet!
Our FBT & Salary Packaging Experts
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