External Audit Services

Our skilled external auditors at Accru Felsers work with your business to mitigate risks, improve operations & ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

Your auditing ally in Sydney

Think of Accru Felsers as your financial partner. We’re here to make sure you’re playing by the rules, outsmarting risks, and uncovering business goldmines. Because we believe in a solid partnership with our clients, we offer that personal connection that large, robotic firms often miss.

Our external audit services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

More than just auditors, we’re your business partners

Our external audit services are the perfect mix of brains, passion, and a friendly elbow-nudge. Backed by a squad of sharp-minded professionals, we’re committed to understanding your business and wrapping up the audit with minimal fuss.

By choosing Accru Felsers, you are selecting a team that ensures your auditing services are comprehensive and effective.

Choosing Accru Felsers means picking an audit process that runs smoothly.  We keep you on the right side of the law, up-to-date with local and global accounting standards, and ready for whatever comes next.

Get more for your money with our auditing processes

When we say we go the extra mile, we really mean it. Our audit reports aren’t just ticked boxes and standard information. We add insights that often reveal new ways to streamline operations, comply with rules, and improve your performance.

Our auditing services are designed to deliver real value to your business.

We’ll help you:

  • Smooth out your processes and bolster control measures.
  • Identify internal or external issues messing with your decision-making and governance.
  • Spot market and operational opportunities to turbocharge your business performance.

Pick and mix from our auditing services

Comprehensive auditing services to meet all your needs

We’re not just a single-discipline specialist. We’ve got a whole stable of external auditing services, on-site and online, to suit your needs, ensuring that all aspects of your business are thoroughly reviewed and assessed. 

Our services include:

  • Agreed upon procedure engagements
  • Compliance opinions
  • Accounting system and control reviews
  • Grant audits, financial statement audits, and SMSF audits
  • Financial statement reviews (for general-purpose reporting or ASX requirements)
  • Advice on accounting policies and standards
  • Trust account audits
Our External Audit Experts
Steven specialises in external auditing, due diligence, initial public offerings, stock exchange listings and financial reporting.
Ready to team up?
Let’s help you discover useful strategies to give your business the boost it deserves with our comprehensive external audit, financial audit, and auditing services. Contact us today and secure the future of your business with our expert audit solutions.