Business Restructuring Services

Restructuring is a broad term that encompasses scenarios ranging from a simple reorganisation of business processes, through to more complex scenarios which involve a change in the legal structure of the underlying business. Our experts can help you through this process.

Business restructuring simplified

Hitting some roadblocks in your business journey? Sometimes, a shake-up is just what you need. That’s where restructuring comes into play. It’s not just about shuffling the paperwork — it’s an opportunity to redefine your business, whether you’re hunting for external funding, prepping for a change in leadership, or safeguarding precious assets.

The benefits of restructuring

Restructuring isn’t just a fancy business term. It’s a strategic tool that can transform your business from the inside out. When done right, it can cut costs, leverage the power of your other ventures, fortify your assets, and craft a tax-smart strategy. But beware – it’s not easy! You’re looking at a potential minefield of tax complications, including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Stamp Duty. That’s where Accru Felsers comes into the picture.

How we can help you

We’re not just about the numbers. At Accru Felsers, we dive deep into your business goals, suggesting structures that align perfectly with your vision. Then, we roll up our sleeves and guide your business into its exciting new form.

We’ve navigated hundreds of businesses through successful restructures, with a special focus on family businesses eyeing succession and estate planning. Our mantra? A pragmatic, commercial approach to restructuring, all while controlling and reducing any ensuing tax liabilities.

Successful restructuring can unleash a new level of effectiveness for your business, minus the tax headaches. And with Accru Felsers by your side, you can unlock the maximum value from the transition.

Our Business Restructuring Experts
Glenda is known for her ability to solve complex tax issues and help clients understand the practical implications of her advice.
Ready to make a shift?
With Accru Felsers, restructuring is a fresh opportunity for growth.