Property & Construction

The property and construction industry must effectively manage margins and costs to remain competitive and also fund expansion and growth.

Challenges in the sector today

The post COVID period has been challenging for property and construction businesses. Funding for development projects has been tight, the labour market competitive and the risk of fraud and declining demand ever-present.

At the same time, foreign investors and joint ventures are creating opportunities which, when carefully selected and well implemented, can achieve excellent business outcomes.

Driving growth while managing risk

In this market, expert advice can help you reduce financial risk and adapt quickly to ensure you get a piece of the action.

Our property and construction experts have years of experience within the industry. Our partners understand the issues and some have first hand investment experience in this area themselves, so they already know how to help you avoid common pitfalls.

We work with all types of property and construction businesses including residential and commercial builders, large scale landscapers and contractors, and property developers.

How we can help you

Our construction and property specialists can help with:

  • A full range of taxaccounting and audit services
  • Specialist tax advice on accounting for income on construction contracts
  • Initial and ongoing finance for property development projects
  • Utilising superannuation structures to assist you with funding
  • Liaising directly with the building services authority to ensure our clients maintain their building
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